Write more secure and battle-tested software

Web Security automation tooling for Continuous Integration pipelines.

We believe that costly web application security breaches can be avoided. This is why we invented Cohesion - a flexible web security testing solution for continuous integration pipelines.

How It Works

Cohesion will enhance your existing Continuous Integration process with a wide range of active and passive web security tests performed against your services and applications without the need to write any additional code.

01. Commit Code

Code is committed by the development teams following the existing processes and org practices.

02. Unit Tests

Local unit tests are run to eliminate business-logic errors, inconsistencies, and behavior deviations to ensure the code is fit for purpose.

03. Integration Tests

Software components are combined and tested as a group as part of the integration testing plan.

04. Security Tests

As part of the System Testing phase, a dynamic security testing solution is started to ensure the software is secure and battle-tested against real-world attack scenarios.

05. Deploy Code

The code change is quality-assured and secure, ready to be deployed to the production, pre-prod environments.

Normal Pipeline

  • Commit Code
  • Unit Tests
  • Integration tests
  • ✕ Security Tests
  • Deploy Code

Enhanced Pipeline

  • Commit Code
  • Unit Tests
  • Integration Tests
  • ✓ Security Tests
  • Deploy Code

Without Cohesion, you can never be sure if your software will sustain any opportunistic or even targeted attack.

Testing Modes Included

Cohesion comes with three powerful testing tools


A fully automated, black-box security assessment tool with automatically discovery engine and a wide-range of active vulnerability checks.


A powerful tool for testing individual requests and responses - the perfect solution for testing microservices, serverless functions and more.


Test all requests and responses in transit - can be combined with existing testing solutions, such as unit and integration tests.

Perfectly integrated with your favorite CI solution