Write more secure and battle-tested software

Web Security automation for Continuous
Integration pipelines.

Integrated with your favourite CI solutions

Empowering developers

Cohesion enhances your existing CI process with a wide range of active and passive web security tests without the need to write any additional code.

“Without Cohesion , you can never be sure if your software is secure before shipping to customers.”


All bases covered

Cohesion ensures that the code is fully tested against a wide range of attacks such as Cross-Site Scripting, SQL Injection, Server-side Request Forgery, Remote Code Execution and more.

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> $ cohesion scanner 'http://target'
wait - scanning target url: 'http://target'
error - XSS discovered (critical - 08)
error - Error Discolusre discovered (critical - 08)
error - Command Injection discovered (critical - 08)
ready - scan complete
3 vulnerabilities (3 critical)
To inspect all issues go to
> $ cohesion fuzzer request.http
// request.http
POST http://target/path/to/location HTTP/1.1
Content-Type: application/json
"hello": "world"

Dynamic testing

Cohesion can test both - standard web applications and APIs. It comes with a range of built-in tools that fit into well-established penetration testing practice.

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Quality assurance control

Production? Ready!

Cohesion can break the pipeline if a critical is identified thus ensuring that vulnerable code is never exposed to production environments.

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> $ cohesion fuzzer --exit=">=8" api-request.txt
error - XSS discovered (critical - 08)
error - Error Discolusre discovered (critical - 08)
error - Command Injection discovered (critical - 08)
Critical vulnerability indentified found
in api-request.txt

Security, streamlined.

Automate various types of web application security tests.

Web security assessment tool

Discover and brutefoce common files and folder.

$ cohesion scanner 'http://target'

Resource information gathering

Identify hidden files and folders in your application.

$ cohesion spider 'http://target'

API endpoints testing

Identify vulnerabilities within specific requests in mind

$ cohesion fuzzer 'http://target/?param=a'

Test in transit

Test every request captured in transit

$ cohesion proxy 'http://target'

Getting started is easy

Find and fix vulnerable code before it ever reaches production evironments.